Energy Efficiency at Indusries

#1. Goals

To reduce the wastage of energy in Industries by 5-15% monthly.

#2. Description

Building managers will use the Power8 software to control the VRF/Chillers based on which they are able to achieve an optimize level of energy consumption which leads to savings.

#3. Scope

VRF/Chillers of the airports which consumes more than 60% of the total energy.

#4. Level

Huge electricity bills and decentralized controlling is challenge for the building operators.

#5. Pre Conditions

Industry managers will log in to the dashboard where they will start monitoring energy consumption.

#6. Post Conditions

Industry manager will schedule and maintain temperature throughout the whole facility to optimize the level of energy consumption on the basis of occupancy and thus maintain Air Quality.

#7. Final Conditions

AI driven automation will run in the indurties to save energy.

#8. Primary Actor

Industry Manager

#9. Secondary Actor

Power8 support staff and AI driven algorithms which work on backend.

#10. Triggers

Power8 Energy Optimization (PEO) system