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Power Wastage by Buildings

We were appalled to see the level of pollution recorded in Delhi and the country at large and soon realized that 1 unit of power consumption leads to nearly 0.5 Kg of carbon emissions.

In what was our eureka moment, we realized that buildings consume and waste a major part of the total power consumed.

Deploying AI and IoT

To leverage the power consumption by buildings, we propose to mine the power of sensors and AI technology. With the help of IoT, power saving mechanisms can be activated upon sensing any probable power wastage scenarios in buildings.

Tech that Helps

We deploy cutting-edge patented technology along with in-house development of hardware, software and algorithms. We indulge in constant RnD to bring great tech solutions on board and give our clients the best results.

Buildings that Care

To curate a milieu where buildings take care of people and resources, not the other way around. Efficient and effective application of the IoT shall pave way for constructions that bridge power consumption with power saving, thereby reducing power wastage significantly.

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Our product POWER8 contains a mesh of sensors attached at different places communicating OTA connected via Internet. We have helped big commercial facilities reduce their power consumption by 25% leveraging the power of sensors and artificial intelligence.

POWER8's technology platform is built on the five pillars of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement & verification, closed loop predictive control, and expert human analysis.

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2020 May


Power8 is an IoT and AI platform focussed on optimising utility bills for commercial buildings and industrial complexes and helps in reduction of power consumption.

2019 NOV


We all know Bangalore is a Hub of startups but now Delhi-NCR is becoming the new home for startups.

2019 May

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