Energy Efficiency at Hospitals

#1. Goals

To reduce the wastage of energy in Hospitals by 5-15% monthly.

#2. Description

Building managers will use the Power8 software to control the HVAC system based on which they are able to achieve an optimize level of energy consumption which leads to savings.

#3. Scope

HVAC system of the Hospital which consumes more than 50% of the total energy.

#4. Level

Huge electricity bills and decentralized controlling is challenge for the building managers.

#5. Pre Conditions

Building Managers will log in to the dashboard where they will start monitoring energy consumption.

#6. Post Conditions

Building managers will schedule and maintain temperature throughout the whole facility to optimize the level of energy consumption.

#7. Final Conditions

AI driven automation will run in the Hospitals for saving energy.

#8. Primary Actor

Building Managers

#9. Secondary Actor

Power8 support staff and AI driven algorithms which work on backend.

#10. Triggers

Power8 Energy Optimization (PEO) system